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  • Basic tandem package retail $209
  • Reality video package retail $109
  • Total retail value $318
  • The best instructors
  • The best view
  • The best aircraft
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Our reality video package

We are the Chattanooga Skydiving Company!

The Silvia Family, has been providing tandem skydiving and instruction for over 50 years. If you have jumped almost anywhere in the southern US, you have probably jumped with a member of our team. We have some of the best instructors in the business, we fly state-of-the-art aircraft and have one of the prettiest and scenic drop zones anywhere.

We offer the ultimate in tandem skydiving experiences and you can capture every second of it with our Reality Video Package. We have a lot to offer first-time jumpers, students and licensed skydivers. Come and jump with us in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley, We hope you visit soon!

Tandem skydiving


Tandem skydive with an experienced instructor, the best way to enjoy the thrill of skydiving. For reservations call, 855-776-5867!


AFF course

Chattanooga Skydiving Company's Tandem Direct Supervision program (TDS) offers students a perfect learning program with experienced instructors.

Experienced skydivers

Formation skydivers

Come be a part of our drop-zone! The Chattanooga Skydiving Company offers a unique skydiving experience in the scenic Sequatchie Valley.

Convenient interstate access from all major Southern cities!

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